Blomstrom Crest/Coat of Arms


The background graphic on this page is the crest/coat of arms of Sir Laurentz Blomstrom.  Ed Blomstrom got the following information from the House of Heraldry in Stockholm, Sweden when he visited there in August of 2003.

Laurentz Blomstrom, nobled Blomstrom, born 1659; helper at the Swedish Artillery 1674, then an officer in 1675; attended the siege of the city of Malmo 1676-1677.  Second Lieutenant at the regiment of Kronborg 1686, then second lieutenant at the regiment of Vasterbotten (northern Sweden) 1689.  There he became lieutenant 1691.

Nobled 1697 and introduced at number 1348 in the Swedish book of noble families.  He became captain 1702 at the regiment of Vasterbotten; captured at Perevolotina and imprisoned in Klinow, Russia.  He was the first person that King Carl XII nobled.  He was married to Anna Elisabeth Reutner.  She died 1716.  The opinion is that he died in captivity and left no family.

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