Blomstrom Family Reunion


Reunion Pre-Registration Form

With no prior history of a reunion, it will be difficult for David & Ed to guess just how many Blomstroms will attend.  Estimated counts are critical for planning events, meals, etc. and it affects the overall budget: the more attendees, the lower the overall cost per person.  The photographer also will need a minimum guaranteed number before he will contract with us.

Also, if there are a number of people without transportation, David may try to arrange for paid group transportation.  A more detailed registration form for the events will be posted later, hopefully by early spring.  But to get to that point, David needs everyone to complete the following form:

Please provide the following contact information:
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
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Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone

How many people in your group?


Please enter the ages of children under 18 in your group:

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Will you have a car while attending the reunion?

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If you are traveling by car (or by airplane and then renting a car), would you be interested in volunteering to provide transportation for other Blomstroms without a vehicle?

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Please let us know if you'll be staying at the Marriott or someplace else (for logistical planning):

Enter any comments here:

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